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Awakened Doing

A new consciousness is arising even as the old dissolves. Could our doing come from an awakened purpose where the “me” has become the “we” and our actions naturally unfold from the servants heart?

The New Normal

Let's share our heart and soul as we explore a world of possibilities once the heart and mind awaken together. Imagine a compassionate world if you can.

The Great Opening

As we cultivate the great opening to the mystery, we discover the many wellsprings of life. Entering the moment with awe is the key.

What Holds Us

To know we’re held in the hands of Grace is the eternal embrace of life and love. Let us discover this holding space that is infinitely intimate.

Life’s Lessons

Join us as we celebrate the lessons life is offering us in these new times. 

The mystery of the moment is that it opens all moments. To experience the smallest part as containing the whole opens us to awake awareness and “yes”. Join us as we adapt to the new world. 

The call of the soul is a continuous call to aliveness, a call to be who we are and allow the mystery of life to unfold.

Receiving involves absorbing, inhaling, and accepting the life that flows through us. Just as the flowers receive the light, we too become an opening to receive the grace of the moment.

God Chants

Silence is the language of God. If we can find the inner peace, the silence will reveal to us God’s enduring chants.

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