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The Authentic Life

Living authentically, we trip into the heart of things and experience the interconnectedness of things again and again. The gentler we are, the more capable we are of letting things enter and move on through. We surrender into awe and become intimate with the mystery of life.

To see things with a quiet mind and an open heart is the way to liberation and integration. When we see with the eyes of oneness we know that we live in a fully sacred universe where everything is a pointer to an epiphany.

Soul Creation

Soul is our appetite, driving us to eat from the banquet of life. People filled with the hunger of soul take food from every dish before them, whether it is sweet or bitter. Living life is nourishing to the soul, and there’s a lot of living to do.

If we could see that everything, even tragedy, is a gift in disguise, we would then find the best way to nourish the soul. Nurturing the soul means opening our hearts to the lessons of life and surrendering to what we have learned.

Soul Work

Here we live in two questions: What nourishes the soul? and How does the soul nourish us? When experience is viewed in a certain way, it presents nothing but doorways into the domain of the soul, and they are all found in the present moment.

Soul Moments

We all experience “soul moments” in everyday life. During those moments, our body, as well as our brain, resonates as we experience the glory of being a human being.

Here we ripen and come to a new level of maturity in our development as Universal Humans. Our life reflects the deeper guidance of the Essential Self. We become conscious co-creators, using our intentions and our word to manifest a world that works for everyone.

Our local selves become willing servants of our Essential Self within. Our True Nature becomes proactive and is willing to be the genuine authority in our life. What was once a reactive self has become a responsive presence.

As emerging Universal Humans we leave behind our former self-consciousness and feel at home in our Essential Self. We gain a feeling of peace and joy as the local selves relax their fears and let go of their efforts to control.

Here we are ready to fully contemplate the Essential Self in its more personal form, the Inner Beloved. As we bring our focus to the specific qualities and wisdom of this all-knowing inner presence, we merge in the heart of the One.

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