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As emerging Universal Humans we leave behind our former self-consciousness and feel at home in our Essential Self. We gain a feeling of peace and joy as the local selves relax their fears and let go of their efforts to control.

Here we are ready to fully contemplate the Essential Self in its more personal form, the Inner Beloved. As we bring our focus to the specific qualities and wisdom of this all-knowing inner presence, we merge in the heart of the One.

Create an Inner Sanctuary, a safe inner space where we receive guidance from our Higher Self. Patterned within all of us is a new humanity. Our Essential Self is waiting for our attention.

The Dalai Llama has said that “My religion is kindness.” Kindness is the antidote to everything. It’s the kindness and wisdom we encounter beyond our fears that brings us together, that brings us alive.

I never stop trusting that life will give me exactly what I need. It is then my privilege to work what I have been given. Reaping the blessings is the art of gratitude and trust.

The mind can lead us to the threshold of Wisdom, but only the heart can Enter. The mind weaves meaning like a Spider, but only the heart can leap into the Stream. We are given a mind to navigate Life, and we are given a heart to be Alive. (Zen saying)

Jodi Rutenberg shares the gospel (good news) of the river on this magical Sunday. Returning from her kayaking adventure she has listened deeply to aliveness shared from the waters of life. 

Reliable Truths

What is the bedrock of truth that we each find reliable? What won’t let you down? Let’s remember those unnameable truths that can help us restore what matters when we lose our way.

We need each other to walk each other home. It’s through our humanness that we glimpse eternity and work our alchemy of spirit, never knowing what will happen next.

Always Beginning

There is nothing more magnificent than becoming intimate with the mystery of life. When we step out of our conclusions we begin to drink from the mystery. In a very real sense we are always beginning the eternal dance of now.

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