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Eventually we are called to meet outer with inner. Existence will rush to fill us and overwhelm us if we don’t meet the outer world with an inner life.

Express Thyself

Sing your song for you and not them. When our true nature awakens we can allow it to express freely and openly.

Our gifts naturally emerge from our authentic self. Let us imagine ourselves as these gifts and offer them to the world.

Could we midwife a new way of being human and give birth to a conscious humanity? Let us then celebrate the One Life that longs to be revealed.

Resolve to Evolve

Life is about involution and evolution. The Universe will continually evolve eternally. Will we evolve along with it?

The seed of God is in us. Our job is to grow into an awareness and acceptance that it is so today and allow it grow and establish roots so that we can flower and bear fruit.

Time is a Garden

Things that matter take time to root and meaning takes time to blossom. Time is a garden in which each of us is a seed breaking surface when we’re born.

This Is It

When we move into the deepest acceptance of what is, we meet life with a smile. Ah So. Teach me and show me the way.

This Easter, let us unveil the spiritual principle revealed through this universal principle. Ernest Holmes tells us, “You must have your own resurrection.”

Coming Home

We are always arriving in the present moment to a place called home. When we stop and breathe, we realize we have always been here.

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