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Change is Possible

It has been said that the only one who wants change is a baby with a dirty diaper. Although we resist necessary change, it is heartening to realize it is possible.

We ask the question “Who am I?”  From this, we return to a hidden wholeness that is our true nature.  Arriving home in this place of Truth, we initiate real change within and without.

When we awaken to our interconnectedness, we are called to serve what is whole amidst the chaos.  As we live in the questions, we can start with, “What’s still true?” The clarity begins to strengthen as we transform anger into courage, sadness into compassion, and confusion into resolve. We belong together.

The Energy of Hope

Hope is the energy of life shining through the obstacles we are facing.  As hope awakens we discover grace and freedom unveil themselver anew.

Woven into the web of life are patterns of connection.  We are here to discover the thread that goes through everything and holds us together.

Our capacity to see is more a place of exchange, letting the light of the world in while letting the light of the soul out.


We come alive by staying in a conversation with life.  Our spirt grows in the life of expression that carries us into the light of each moment.

The agents of kindness are everywhere. Watering seeds can change the world, but the chance to do the watering can change your life. Being kind helps us grow and stay awake.

Each Time I Begin

Each time I begin again, I am stunned to recall that we are complete as we are and about to burst into a fresh aliveness.  As Emerson says, “Only the coming is sacred.”

It is only when open and present that we can be filled with the holiness that informs everything.  Could we find Presence even in absence?

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